Bali ATV Tour

Based on the stunning Yeh Gangga beach, we are your trusted experts for unbeatable ATV Tours in Bali. Offering 1 or 2 hour tours, you’ll get the experience the exhilaration of riding a high powered quad bike along the sands, as the surf crashes behind you, the tranquility of the rice fields and pass sacred temples and welcoming smiles in local villages. We pride ourselves on quality: the quality of service we provide to our guests and the quality of our equipment. Our guides all speak English fluently and are knowledgeable about the local area. Our mechanics are trained by international engineers and our bikes are also regularly serviced by visiting international mechanics to ensure that they are in top shape and always reliable. What’s more, we’ve got the biggest bikes on the island ranging from 500CC – 700CC. With plenty of power, they’re fully automatic and easy to ride guaranteeing a great day out for everyone!

Yeh Gangga provides a fantastic location for ATV tour. Just a short journey from the major tourist centre of Seminyak, this quiet village offers visitors an enviable opportunity to view a different side of Bali and Balinese culture, combined with the thrills and excitement of a Bali ATV tour. The black sands of the beach – black due to the colour of the volcanic rock from which they are formed – lay virtually deserted for miles apart from the occasional local fisherman, or surfer enjoying uncrowded waves. The views are stunning, and on clear days you may even be able to see as far west as Medewi, some 50km distant. As you soak it all up on your ATV tour,  there’s no doubt that you’ll feel very much as though you are experiencing the real Bali. Ceremonies form a central part of the culture here and you may well find yourself witnessing a ceremonial procession through a village or down to the sea. The white ceremonial dress of the Balinese contrasting against the dark sands and green rice paddies, accompanied by the sounds of the gamelan – the traditional music of Bali.

After riding along the beach, and speeding through the fresh water streams, your guides will lead you inland. Here take time to experience a traditional village, largely unaffected by tourism. Local shops and eateries, known as ‘warungs’ line the road side and you’ll be sure of a warm smile and friendly wave from people as you pass. There’s tranquility to life in the villages, so while speed on the bikes is great fun, take the time here to slow down and take in your surroundings. Listen carefully and it’s likely you’ll hear the gentle sounds of the gamelan not far off. As you leave the village, your Bali ATV tour will take you to the rural landscape of the rice fields. Rice is the staple food in Bali, like so many countries in South East Asia, and the farming methods have changed little over the centuries.

As you ride through the trails between the fields, feel the gentle breezes through the air as the farmers, with traditional conical hats to protect them from the sun’s hot rays bend to lovingly tend to their crops. As your ATV Bali tour leaves the rice paddies, you’ll find yourself on a cliff top which provides further stunning views of the south Bali coast. As you finally head back, there’s one final treat in store, a bat cave on the beach!

Experiencing and ATV tour in Bali is an experience never to be forgotten – and if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly, so don’t trust anyone but the experts, we are provide you with the best possible experience. With our two hour tours, transfers to and from your hotel are included. Full insurance is included in the price and you’ll end your tour with a BBQ Sausage Sizzle! Because of our commitment to quality, you won’t get better on the island. We have the best bikes, the best staff, and when you join us we’ll have the very best customers too. 



Bali Buggies

Our latest addition puts ‘Bali Buggies’ on the company’s extensive adventure menu, and once again takes recreational adventure in Bali to a new level.


Utilizing high-end buggies made by Polaris, the ‘world-renowned leader in off-road innovation’, this new adventure will bring an exciting and intense driving experience towards guests of a wide demographic. Bali Buggies is opening and operating soon in the village of Tatag, ten minutes out of Ubud. 


The Polaris off-road vehicle models chosen to tear up the customized jungle track are the single-seater ACE model, equipped with a 325cc engine, and the two-seater RZR model, with its 570cc engine. Both models boast certified roll cages, three point seatbelts, and safety nets to help ensure safety during the thrilling jungle drive. The vehicles’ engine transmission applies “On Demand True All-Wheel-Drive Technology”, built for intense work on and off the beaten track while providing a smooth ride.


Guests will arrive at the stunning restaurant and boutique chocolate factory comprised almost entirely of bamboo, before delving into the jungle. A safety video will be shown outlining all the necessary precautions and procedures involved with handling the buggies. Helmets with visors are handed to guests before choosing their vehicles, and after a brief warm up session, guests will then head off onto the jungle track following in the wake of a pacesetter.


The jungle circuit spans 4.5kms in one lap across the dirt and gravel track, and guests will have the option of continuing more laps if they choose to do so. How fast guests would want to complete the track is entirely up to them and their own ability. Of course, safety has always been a top priority within the company, and thus many of the proper precautions have been implemented to make sure the user experience is both thrilling and safe.


We hopes that their exhilarating new Bali buggies experience will invigorate those thrill-seekers with an adrenaline thirst for something new, exciting, and different.



Motor Cross

Want to spend the day riding around some of Bali’s virgin fields on Dirt Bikes?

The Basecamp is located in Tabanan. It’s only an hour out of the hustle and bustle of Kuta but you will feel like you are in a different place. Waterfalls, mountains, jungle, beaches and the best trails on the island. Lets’s Explore! 


The Volcano

Want to Ride a Volcano? They can take you on the famous Mount Batur – Kintamani. Great day of riding, especially if you a repeat rider and want to try some different terrain.

The Inclusions: Fully Guided Tour with experienced guide, all riding and safety equipment, snacks and Water, cold drink or Beer after ride, lunch on Lake Batur Floating Restaurant, hotel pick up and drop off, 2016 Ktm 350 Sixdays


The Morning – Half Day Ride

Tabanan has a huge scope of Terrain for the rides which means we can take cater for Novice through to Expert.

Beginners riders will need to ride the KLX 150L’s. The KLX 250 and KTM 350 EXC-F are reserved for more experienced riders.When booking please be honest about your experience so they can work out the best days riding for you.

Sample itineraries:The track – Waterfall or Waterfall – Rice field – Beach

The inclusions: Fully Guided Tour with experienced guide (approx 4 hours), small Groups 5 riders or less,all riding and safety equipment, lunch and Water, cold drink or Beer after ride, hotel pick up and drop off, modern Kawasaki KLX150L KLX250 and KTM350 EXC-F Six days.


The Full Day Tour

Pickup in an airconditioned car from your hotel or villa and driven to Tabanan where the tour takes place. After meeting the guides you can talk to them about what you want to see and riding abilites and then you will be on your way.

Sample itineraries: The track – waterfall – ricefield – beach riding or Speedtrack track + ricefield + waterfall or Mud track – waterfall – ricefield – beach riding.

The inclusions: Fully Guided Tour with experienced guide (approx 8 hours), all riding and safety equipment, small Groups 5 riders or less, lunch and Water, cold Drink or Beer after ride, hotel Pick up and drop off, modern Kawasaki KLX150 KLX250 & KTM350 Six days.


The Sunset Ride

12:00 PM pickup in an air conditioned car from your hotel or villa and driven to Tabanan where the tour takes place. You will finish the ride on a deserted beach just in time for sunset.

Sample itineraries:The track – waterfall or Waterfall – rice field – beach

The inclusions: Fully Guided Tour with experienced guide (approx 4 hours), small Groups 5 riders or less, all riding and safety equipment, lunch and Water, cold drink or Beer after ride, hotel pick up and drop off, modern Kawasaki KLX150L KLX250 and KTM350 EXC – F Six days


Price Details:




(8 hours)


(4 hours)


(4 hours)

KTM 350 EXC-F Six Days IDR 3.800.000 per unit IDR 2.700.000 per unit IDR 2.700.000 per unit IDR 8000.000 per unit
KLX 250 IDR 3000.000 per unit IDR 2000.000 per unit IDR 2000.000 per unit
KLX 150 L IDR 2000.000 per unit IDR 1.300.000 per unit IDR 1.300.000 per unit