Electric Scooter Tour

We are offering a variety of electric scooter trips through Bali, the Island of Gods. The primary aspect of these exciting new tours is to have fun, while experiencing riding our fume- and noiseless electric scooters.

Each tour starts with a short riding training session so that our guests will be able to ride their electric scooter conveniently and safely. Our electric scooters can be used by children aged 12 years and above as well as by all adults, who feel fit to ride bicycles. Children aged 8 to 11 years old can also join the tour and will be seated on a back seat of an electric motorbike or of a two seated electric scooter.

Our tours lead you to hidden cultural and traditional places as well as to some of Bali’s tourist hotspots. Some tours are more relaxed and focussing on sightseeing, while other tours are of more adventurous nature.

We are currently offering the half-day Best of Canggu Tour and the full-day Chilling Sunset Adventure Tour:

1. Best Of Canggu Tour.

As the name indicates, the best of Canggu tour, we will show you some of Canggu’s best places.
If you would like to see hidden beautiful spots in Canggu and learn more about Balinese culture, this trip is the right choice for you.
-The first of four destinations will be at one of the beautiful rice fields in Canggu:
You will have a unique experience by riding through marvellous rice fields and settlements. At the river, located at the foot of a spacious rice terrace, we will take a group picture. Moreover, we will use this stop to talk about Bali’s rice field culture and the island’s challenges with waste management.
-Afterwards, we will lead you to a cosy local restaurant (Waroeng Geulis), where we will serve you some local beverages and snacks that are also suitable for vegetarians. On this occasion, our guide will explain you the meaning of the small shrines and offerings that you can see at almost every building on Bali.
-Pura is a general Balinese term for Hindu temple, while Prancak is the name of the area. All together it means: Great Temple of Death. Located at Tibubeneng village, it will be the third stop of our fun electric scooter adventure. Here we will share with you about the importance of this very sacred temple and about Balinese Hindu culture in general.
-The fourth and last stop is the highlight of the tour – the exclusive La Vue Beach Club, which belongs to the 5 stars LV8 Resort. There you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, while sipping on a young coconut.

2. Chilling Sunset Adventure Tour.

The Chilling Sunset Adventuretour is our first full day tour. It takes place in South Canggu and Kerobokan. The first half of the tour contains, with a slightly different route, the first 3 stops of our half day Best of Canggu tour as well as a full (vegetarian) Indonesian lunch. These stops are the mystic Temple of Death to learn about local Hindu Culture, a beautiful local restaurant, and a hidden rice field area with a holy river and small water fall. The second half of the tour contains the tour highlights.

-First of all, you will visit a beautiful Balinese Traditional House. Here you will learn about Bali’s unique house structure and you will experience the daily life of a Balinese family. Subject to availability of the family members in charge, you will usually also get the opportunity to learn how daily local offerings (canang) are created, while wearing a colorful, traditional Balinese sarong.

-The next stop will be Splash Water Park by Finns Recreation Club.This group and family orientated amusement park features world-class water slides and activities. It offers a clean and safe facility with exceptional customer service. Splash’s dining menu has Indonesian and Western favorites as well as various refreshing beverages served to your sun bed or table.

-The final stop, the legendary Finns Beach Club, will allow you to enjoy one of Bali’s famous sunsets.You will get the option to skip Finns Beach Club if you prefer staying longer at Water Splash Park.


We are determined to constantly refine our tour services to adjust them to the needs of our guests and of Bali’s fast changing market. We are also supporting a kindergarten and school project in Lombok (Futura Indonesia).


Please find below the prices of the tours:

Activities Name Duration Prices
Best Of Canggu Tour From 2.30 PM until 07.00 PM

-For up to 11 years old : IDR 850,000 per pax.

-For under 11 years old: IDR 700,000 per pax.

Chilling Sunset Adventure Tour From 10:15 AM until  to 7:00 PM

-For up to 11 years old : IDR 1,100,000 per pax.

-For under 11 years old: IDR 900,000 per pax.


Please feel free to contact us for further information.