Image the extra freedom you will enjoy on your holiday on Bali, knowing that your children are in the care of a professional and kind nanny. 

The nanny will take care of your children at the villa while you are out, or accompany you wherever you choose to go on Bali, and keep your children save and entertained, enabling you to focus on what you came to Bali

While your children are in the care of our nanny, we do things your way. You can inform us with as much information as possible about the children, their likes and dislikes and what you would and wouldn’t like them to participate in to assist our Nannies in caring for your child.

Our nannies are well experienced with foreign customers and speak sufficiently English.

Price for 1 – 2 kids: IDR 95,000 per hour (minimum 5 hours).

For more than 2 kids, please contact us for more details about the pricing.

*Please contact us at least 3 days in advance if you want to hire a nanny.