Bali Buggies

Our latest addition puts ‘Bali Buggies’ on the company’s extensive adventure menu, and once again takes recreational adventure in Bali to a new level.


Utilizing high-end buggies made by Polaris, the ‘world-renowned leader in off-road innovation’, this new adventure will bring an exciting and intense driving experience towards guests of a wide demographic. Bali Buggies is opening and operating soon in the village of Tatag, ten minutes out of Ubud. 


The Polaris off-road vehicle models chosen to tear up the customized jungle track are the single-seater ACE model, equipped with a 325cc engine, and the two-seater RZR model, with its 570cc engine. Both models boast certified roll cages, three point seatbelts, and safety nets to help ensure safety during the thrilling jungle drive. The vehicles’ engine transmission applies “On Demand True All-Wheel-Drive Technology”, built for intense work on and off the beaten track while providing a smooth ride.


Guests will arrive at the stunning restaurant and boutique chocolate factory comprised almost entirely of bamboo, before delving into the jungle. A safety video will be shown outlining all the necessary precautions and procedures involved with handling the buggies. Helmets with visors are handed to guests before choosing their vehicles, and after a brief warm up session, guests will then head off onto the jungle track following in the wake of a pacesetter.


The jungle circuit spans 4.5kms in one lap across the dirt and gravel track, and guests will have the option of continuing more laps if they choose to do so. How fast guests would want to complete the track is entirely up to them and their own ability. Of course, safety has always been a top priority within the company, and thus many of the proper precautions have been implemented to make sure the user experience is both thrilling and safe.


We hopes that their exhilarating new Bali buggies experience will invigorate those thrill-seekers with an adrenaline thirst for something new, exciting, and different.