Snorkelling at Tulamben

Snorkelling at Tulamben. Walking in to the ocean from the beach at Tulamben you have two great choices, left or right. Take the route to the left and in a very short time our snorkel guide will be pointing out the world famous USAT Liberty shipwreck. This really is a unique site where you can look 3 meters down and see substantial remains of the wreck that has been in the water for over 50 years. No snorkeler can fail to be impressed by the schooling jackfish that make the wreck home. Watching the fish swim in a huge circle that moves backwards and forward over the wreck is pretty awesome and a great photo opportunity.

You will also see the great barrel sponges, sea fans and hard and soft corals that have attached themselves to the wreck and provide shelter for an incredible variety of vibrantly coloured tropical fish.

Some of the snorkeling spots in Tulamben:

Offshore reefs
You will find there one of the most crystal clear water of Bali. You will see big sponges, nudibranch, mantis shrimps, cowries, cleaner shrimps & moray eels. Shoals of colorful anthias cover the corals, trigger fish, puffer fish and stingrays.

Amed and Padang
Amed is a small village clustered around a single road that circles the sheltered bay. Our base is located right on the beach towards the middle of the bay, providing easy access and great views. This calm bay has little in the way of current and the snorkeling sites are reached directly from the beach. Expect to find Parrot Fish, Angel Fish, Bat Fish, Moorish Idols, Snappers and so much more. You may even be lucky enough to see a Green Turtle or a Small Reef Shark.

Menjangan Island is the westernmost islands of Bali. The name is taken from an endangered species called Menjangan (deer). Anemones, gorgonians table, coral garden, eel, lion fish, even murray are some of the marine life you can meet at a depth of 3-10 meters. A bit of luckiness will get you to meet turtles, dolphins and whale sharks. The island’s coasts have deep troughs. The walls are filled with various types of coral reefs with dazzling colors where hundreds of fish live and roam around it. This is the one of the world’s best diving spot.

Snorkelling rates are per snorkelor, based on minimum of 2 snorkelor, and include:

Professional snorkelling guide
Drinking water
Snorkelling equipment
Set menu lunch

Snorkelling SitePrice Per Snorkel (min 2 Snorkel)
Offshore ReefsUSD 25
Amed and PadangUSD 44
Menjangan IslandUSD 69