VIP Fast Track Service

Through Total Bali VIP Fast Track Service, you will feel privilege by our indulgence hospitality of VIP Arrival, VIP Departure and Lounge access. You will feel special from the moment you step off your plane until arriving at your villa. 

Total Bali VIP Fast Track on Arrival

Our VIP representative will meet you at aero brigde and holding a sign with your name so you can recognize them. 

You will be escorted and assisted for free visa stamp or Visa on Arrival if needed. 
They will also escort and assist you through immigration as well as taking care of your luggage using porter service (max. 2 luggage)
After you are accompanied through custom clearance, the representative will escort you to our driver who will be waiting at meeting point. 

Important Fact:

At the busiest time, the immigration process will take 2-3 hours and using our VIP Fast Track service, you will only spend much less time.
You only allow bringing in 1 liter alcohol to Indonesia.
Visa on Arrival (VoA) is at USD 35 per person. Contact Us for more info of the list of countries entitle to free visa or ones who entitled to VoA.

Visa on arrival is only valid for 30 days and most countries are applicable


Total Bali VIP Fast Track on Departure

Our Representative will meet you at designated location at the entrance of Departure Hall
We will provide Service porter with max two 2 luggage
Our representative will Escort and assist you through security checking point, airlines check-in, pay Airport Tax, through Immigration, until to waiting room or TG Lounge if you have it pre-booked

Important Fact:

You only allow bringing out 1 liter of alcohol.



VIP Fast Track on ArrivalUSD 50 per person
VIP Fast Track on DepartureUSD 50 per person