In Villa Wine for You

Wines that we provide at the villa are fresh and mineral wine made from Belgium grapes 100% grown in Bali with a straw yellow color with golden reflection. Intense aromatic bouquet and strong notes of fruit with yellow flesh peach, apricot, pineapple and pear, perfectly combine with notes of yellow flowers. In the mouth Savory and fresh, balanced and elegant, makes it ideal for all occasions.

The idea of the wine company is to prove that Bali can produce also fine wines that can compete with the international wines; by doing all the process of making wines, from the vineyard up to winery, here in Bali. While at the same time also grow together with local community by forming partnership with local people in vineyards and winery.

The wine is a combination of Italian and Balinese arts of agriculture to develop the quality of the local grapes grown in Bali. With the acquisition of a local vineyard in the beginning, we ensure to have 100% control of the entire viticulture. We are developing new techniques, specifically designed for tropical climates, in growing our grapes to obtain highest quality grapes in Bali. We start with the agronomic part, because high quality wine comes from high quality grapes. By using chemical as least as possible in growing the grapes, we got better grapes with more natural result.